Construcción de Parques Acuáticos y Toboganes Acuáticos


Since its start in 2006, GORDON IMAGEN SL priority was to develop a specific management system, through procedures and informatic tools, that would help the accomplishment of both our business and the relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Consequently, the integral policy of Gordon Imagen SL, has as its basic principle the approach to customer satisfaction and the continous improvement in all areas of action of the company.

In 2013, the experience gained so far led us to consider that our system responded largely to the internation quality standards, prevention and environment. That is why GORDON IMAGEN SL, has proceeded to certify its Integrated Management System - GIS under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification by BUREAU VERITAS, which further endorses our way of doing throught these years.

The commitment of the Direction is to ensure the implementation of the management system, by ensuring that the provisions described in the Manual, Procedures and associated Technical Instructions are followed and that are known by all employees.

As an application of this holistic view of enterprise management, GORDON IMAGEN SL, puts special emphasis on:

  • Preserve the safety of workers to the risks arising from its activities, based on a Prevention Plan and a formation Plan for all the workers.
  • Compliance of Customer requirements and technical advice for better development of facilities, all within a framework of respect for the environment.
  • Compliance of Industrial regulations of the application and associated tests, as well as the compliance of the Prevention and Environmental legislation.

In addition:

  • Adapt waste management to the requirements of the law and using an authorized manager.
  • Establish programs for continuous performance improvements within a framework of economica viability of both our production and management system as the most relevant aspects of quality, environment and safety. For this, a series of objectives and targets are established to be met through indicators or action programs and conducting internal audits and periodic reviews of the Politics and self-management system to adapt to the environment.