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Due to the current global pandemia of the virus COD-19 and the particular situation in Spain, Gordon has halted its ongoing projects. All its employees are at home, safe and sound. Gordon will restart working at full capacity when the government considers it so. Meanwhile, you can contact us with an email to if necessary. Together we will pass this crisis.

Construction Water parks and water slides - complete projects - Gordon



Water slides are turning to be a must for the hotel industry from many years ago. Above all in family destinations and resorts. Water slides, or little waterparks, work as the perfect lure for the clients, since they are an added value to the hotel. Clients do not need to go out of the hotel in order to have fun, increasing therefore customer’s loyalty.

This is the reason why there are more and more hotels and tour operators that invest in water slides and water parks. Unlike a proper water park, these projects are usually smaller and, many times, with space and design problems. Our ability to undertake turnkey projects turns to be especially critical here, since we can offer the proper design to fulfil client’s expectations and also avoid the problems we just t.

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