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We take action in all construction phases

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Construction of waterparks
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Construction of waterparks

The construction of a water park is a really complex issue in which many different parts are involved. In Gordon we handle all of them:

  • On one hand, the civil work. All works related to foundations where the water slides are going to be placed.
  • On the other hand, hydraulics. From it depend all the system of pipes necessary for the water slides to work, the compensation tank and the technical room.

These two parts become really complex if they are handled separately, since they create mutual interferences very easily. That is the reason why our complete project solution is so attractive, since it assures a perfect integration between these two works, and also with the design and the installation, and guarantees a perfect result for your water park.

The same problems of interaction can occur also with the ulterior installation of the water slides.

Our vast experience in this kind of works is makes us distinct in the market of water parks, since we are able to do the civil work and hydraulics necessaries to, later on, do the installation of the water slides. This makes us unique in the market of water parks.

Similarly, this experience enable us to work in projects in which it is necessary to undertake works without the installation, since we are specialists in this sector and we are able to adapt to any situation. We are specialists in International Project Management, so we can guarantee a perfect management in all phases of the project.

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