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Design of waterparks

Design is the first step in the construction of a water park. On the design depends that afterwards we can comply with security criteria, space, aesthetic and amusement. This is why it is a key factor for water parks and water slides.

Gordon offers complete projects for water parks construction. Therefore, the design is a key factor for us, since it is the first step before starting the construction and the installation. Our multidisciplinary team assures the correct fulfilment of the design in order to achieve a perfect integration at the end of works.

As already stated, multiple factors depend on the design:

  • Security: It is the main criteria and to which the others are subjected to. In the water slides it is possible to achieve a great speed, so it is vital to comply with all security criteria. In Gordon we perform all inspections needed according to the European norms UNE-EN 1069-1 and UNE-EN 1069-2 regarding water slides.
  • Space: When designing, space is the clearest limiting factor. In fact, security and space are usually the issues that lead how should be the design of the water slides. Gordon is a specialist in taking advantage of small spaces.
  • Aesthetic and amusement: once we fulfil the precedent criteria, it is time to consider those that transform a water slide and a water park into what they really are: eye-catching elements with which enjoy. Twists, speed, adrenaline, surprise… everything that could turn users experience into an unforgettable moment.


All these reasons force us to consider the design as a vital point in our workflow. Every project and every client are unique, so it must be every water slide. Each design and its materials are specific to each and require study and planning. It is not something that can be done just at the end of the project, it has to be the first step in order to be sure to achieve the maximum level of satisfaction in all security, space, aesthetic and amusement issues.

As in all the phases of the construction, Gordon can offer the complete project or all services separately.

If you have a project of a water park or with water slides, contact us without any compromise in order to help you and offer you a custom design.

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